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  • How many sick days and personal days do I have?
    • You have eleven (11) sick days at 100% of your pay
    • You also have five (5) days to be used for:
      • medical/dental appointments
      • inclement weather
      • Urgent/Personal reasons (maximum of 2 of the 5 days)
    • You MAY split your days up into half days (0.5) or quater day(0.25) absences

    • NOTE: although there are no restrictions on when you may use the 2 Urgent Personal Days, understand that the purpose of these days is to provide for unexpected, personal matters. Use them wisely and be sure to keep track of the number used – using more than 2 UPRs (or a combination of 5 days for any of the reasons noted) may result in the board not paying for the absence.

      NOTE: if you have used all of the above days, you are also ablsto access 120 days at 90% pay. When you do not use all your sick days fromt he previous year )the bank of 11 days) the remainder days get carried over to top up the 120 days to 100% of your pay.
      • For each day carried over from the previous year, you can top up 10 days to 100% per day
      • One (1) unused sic day from the previous year =10% top up per day for 10 days.
      • Urgent/Personal reasons (maximum of 2 of the 5 days)
  • How many supervisions/on-calls do I have to do?
    • The current Collective Agreement allows for a total of nine (9) equivalent periods of supervision/on-calls per semester with a maximum of eighteen (18) periods over the school year
    • When you are absent due to Board approved business on a day you are assigned an on-call or supervision that day will count towards your total supervisions

    NOTE: although many schools assign a supervision day to teachers you may be called on any day to supervision or cover an on-call as long as you do not exceed the total of 9 periods per semester
  • How do I apply for a transfer?
    • Put your request in writing to the Administrator of Human Resources
    • Teachers with a minimum of five (5) years’ experience with HSU may apply for a mutual exchange with another Teacher in another HSU Secondary School by forwarding all pertinent information (name, current position/assignment, current school, desired school, teacher interested in exchange, qualifications) to the Administrator of Human Resources between January 1st and March 31st
    • Teachers should notify respective Principals of request in writing
    • All exchanges are subject to approval by Superintendents and Principals concerned
    • Teachers involved shall be notified in writing by April 15th if approved
  • I am ready to retire. What do I do?
    Ask your staff representative for a copy of the unit's sample retirement letter or download it here. Complete the letter with your information and send it to the Board between April 15 and June 15. Copy that same letter to the unit office and to your principal. Contact the pension office and tell them that you would like to retire. They will guide you. Have your S.I.N available. Apply for the Unit's gift before leave. Your staff represetative can also guide you on this. Attend a retirement seminar.
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  • How can I get more involved in the HSU?
    • Follow the Hamilton Secondary Unit on Facebook or Twitter for updates and meeting dates
    • Check our website for detailed infomration including executive members,'s information, committees, calendar of events and more
    • Attend a general Meeting
    • Consider running for an Executive position such as Staff Representative, Policital Action Representative, Vice-Present, Treasurer or President