HSU President

Sergio Cacoilo



Unit Executive 2017-2018

First Vice-President Glenn Herrell
Second Vice-President Michael Borrelli
Treasurer Massimo Grilli
Recording Officer Melena Borelli
  Political Action Officer
Tiffany Shields
Staff Representative
  Bishop Ryan Secondary School
Michael Borrelli
Staff Representative
  Bishop Tonnos Secondary School
Dino Cavarzan
Staff Representative
  Cathedral High School
Joe Cappadocia
Staff Representative
  Cardinal Newman Secondary School
Christine Tomasic-Bonner
Staff Representative
  St. Jean de Brebeuf Secondary School
Tony Delville
Staff Representaive
  St. Thomas More Secondary School
Tiffany Shields
Staff Representative
  St. Mary Secondary School
Sean Dennison
Counselor Sean Bates
Counselor Phil Roberto
Staff Observer
  Continuting Education
David Grilli


Unit Committees

Budget M.Grilli M. Borrelli, S. Cacoilo, J. Cappadocia, T. Delville, G. Herrell, T. Shields
Bylaws G. Herrell S. Bates, M. Borrelli, J. Cappadocia, T. Delville, T. Shields, C. Tomasic-Bonner
LTS Plan Administration (2017-2020) S.Cacoilo A. Bonitattibus, M. Borrelli, T. Delville, M. Grilli, T. Shields
Professional Development S. Cacoilo
Scholarship Committee S. Bates M. Borrelli, M. Grilli
Social S. Cacoilo
Trust Finance Committee T. Delville S. Bates, M. Borrelli, J. Cappadocia, M. Grilli, G. Herrell, T. Shields

Unit-Board Committees

Accessibility Working Group
Gender Differences
Joint Board Level Staffing Committee (JBLSC) M. Borrelli, S. Cacoilo, G. Herrell
New Teacher Induction Program
Occupational Health and Safety
Professional Development S. Cacoilo
School Year Calendar M. Borrelli, S. Cacoilo
Special Education Transitions
Safe Schools Stearing
Violence in the Workplace
Pastoral Services D. Cavarzan